Blue Topaz Cushion Earrings

Product Description

Handmade by Kate from Sacramento, CA who is inspired by the colors that mother nature creates in her gemstones. Kate works exclusively in gemstones because she says being surrounded by them imbues their healing properties onto her.

Here is Kate's answer to cold, cloudy days. Re-live summer when you wear these modern ocean blue earrings. The cushion cut blue topaz quartz gemstones shimmer like a sea drenched in sunshine.

  • Measurements: 12mm square gems, 30mm top to bottom
  • Materials: blue topaz quartz gemstones, GP sterling silver
  • Handmade: by Kate from California

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Please Note: Each pair of earrings is lovingly handmade so yours may vary a little from the picture, but it will be just as special and will be uniquely yours! GP = gold plated, GF = gold filled.

$ 48.00