Why Choose Handmade?

We believe that business should be good for the world.

Stemming the tide of technological change on humanity is something we are passionate about. Buy Hand is our effort to support the dignity of human work in an increasingly automated world.

Investment in People

A gift from Buy Hand is an investment in humanity. So your purchase could be helping a dad afford dance lessons for his talented daughter, a student pay for college or a mom start her own business.

Not only do handmade items help people, they are a celebration of the human spirit that is often lost in today’s fast paced world of mass-produced merchandise.  At Buy Hand, we scour the world for one-of-a-kind handmade items where craftsmanship, creativity, attention to detail and quality are paramount.

Unique Not Mass Produced

We are passionate about items that are handmade because we want to support jobs and preserve tradition and craftsmanship.  Chain store culture and mass production have left us dressing and furnishing alike. Buying handmade helps us reconnect to one another.  We believe that handmade items can enrich a person’s life in a way that mass produced items simply cannot.  Handmade items have a sense of humanity and are filled with meaning and the positive energy of their makers. Because they are not mass-produced, handmade items are more environmentally conscious.

Support Small Businesses

Buying handmade gifts also means you are supporting small businesses (the artists and this family owned little shop) and the economy.  If everyone made the promise to buy just one handcrafted product this year, think of the thousands of businesses that will grow and in turn nurture communities.

So experience the uniqueness, beauty and quality of the handmade goods on this website.  Treat yourself or someone you love to the perfect gift that is created with love, devotion and care while making a purchase that makes a meaningful difference.