Our Story


Welcome to our little shop!  We are a brick-and-mortar store in Laguna Beach, CA. We specialize in gifts and jewelry that are handmade in the USA and around the world. We scour the country and the globe for one-of-a-kind handmade items where craftsmanship, creativity, attention to detail and quality are paramount. We are proud to carry many, many handmade in America products as well as fair trade products from artists around the world.

We believe that business should be good for the world. Stemming the tide of technological change on humanity is something we are passionate about. Buy Hand is our effort to support the dignity of human work in an increasingly automated world.

A gift from Buy Hand is an investment in humanity. All of our products are handmade by American or global artists. So when you buy a gift from us, not only are you getting a cheery unique gift but you’re impacting in the lives of real people. Your purchase could be helping a dad afford dance lessons for his talented daughter, a student pay for college or a mom start her own craft business. That’s how we work together for humankind. We thank you for being part of this effort.

We are a small family operated business with two sisters living our dream of owning a shop together.  Give us a call at 949-715-0515 if you need assistance. We are usually in the store from 10-6 Monday to Saturday and 11-5 on Sundays (California time).     

We hope you notice our dedication to finding only the most feel-good and charming handmade items on our website.  Every item is one-of-a-kind so they sell out fast.  But give us a call, we often have something similar in another color.

Spread the word about handmade and let’s make a difference together!