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    One-of-A-Kind Jewelry

    Beautiful. Timeless. Affordable. We curate our jewelry collection to be as classic as it is stylish.

    Why Handmade in America? Artistry. Craftsmanship.

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    Goodies for the Home

    You won't find these anywhere else. Artisans from beautiful Southern California have crafted these for you.

    Why Handmade in America? Handmade items are lovingly crafted, not mass produced.

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    For the Kids

    Lovingly crafted toys and clothes for your little one. Well made ... just like the toys you used to have.

    Why Handmade in America? To support families not factories.

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    Don't Forget Fido

    We've even carry handmade in America stuff for pets! Check out our fun collars and tags for your furry kids.

    Why Handmade in America? To preserve American craftsmanship and tradition.

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